To highlight just how effective Blue Box™ can be in restoring coils back to their original design specifications, we decided to highlight some of our favorite real-world applications.


The issue: A 98% plugged Coil System — University in baltimore, maryland

The university’s target system was a 25,000 CFM air handler, estimated to be 50 years old, with a heating coil stacked in front of a cooling coil. Blue Box’s™ technicians arrived onsite and they observed that the walls on the motor side of the air handler were sucked inwards. When they opened the air intake door to the coil, the technicians could not physically feel air flowing through the air handler. The pre-pressure drop reading across the coils measured 4.5 In-Wg and it was estimated that the coil was roughly 98% plugged. This was easily the most plugged-up coil our technicians had experienced to date, but after 8 hours of continuous Enzyme injections, they were able to fully restore airflow through both the heating coil and cooling coil.

The post-pressure drop reading after completion of this project was .35 In-Wg – a 93% reduction. It is estimated that Blue Box™ saved this university $100,000 in coil replacement costs. We also estimated that such a dramatic reduction in pressure drop will be reducing the fan blower annual energy consumption by over $12,000 per year. Estimates for energy savings directly related to heat transfer and chilled water operations were not made but were also likely significant.

The issue: extreme plugging & Coil Corrosion  — resort in las vegas, nevada

In Las Vegas, many of the top resorts have show areas where there is extensive use of pyrotechnics. The smoke and soot that is formed from the use of the pyrotechnics are often pulled back into the servicing air handlers for these areas and will plug up the coils. This can cause significant problems in terms of blockages (energy impact of air flow and heat transfer) and corrosion of the coils, since the soot fouling will become slightly reactive when exposed to a moisture rich environment.

Prior to Blue Box™, these facilities had no choice but to replace their coils in these air handlers every few years, due to the extreme plugging and coil corrosion. Regular service with Blue Box™ is now helping these Las Vegas clients greatly extend the life of their coils. Our unique ability to penetrate through the coils, achieve near perfect surface area coverage and easily migrate all of this soot and fouling out keeps these air handlers operating at their peak efficiency and eliminates the corrosive effects of the pyrotechnic soot from destroying the coils.

The issue: foul odors & microbial growth — hospital in dallas, texas

Blue Box™ was contacted by a hospital in the Dallas, TX area that was dealing with a very foul odor permeating across the entire floor of its surgery recovery area. The odor had been traced back to a large microbial growth in the coils of the air handlers that serviced the recovery area. Bacteria and bio-film build up inside the coils is a very common issue that has plagued buildings and facilities since the invention of the HVAC system over a century ago. Microbial growths and the associated foul odors are often referred to as “dirty socks” or “sick building” syndrome and they can cause a significant reduction in airflow as well as indoor air quality.

In this case, the hospital had repeatedly tried to solve the problem with pressure washing, steam cleaning and chemical treatment of the coils. However, none of these methods solved the odor issue and the hospital was about to replace the coils prior to contacting Blue Box™. Our technicians quickly treated the coils and achieved near perfect surface area coverage. Because Blue Box™ can penetrate through the coils and there is no downtime when we perform our service, we were very quickly able to remove all the bacteria and bio-film buildup that had been causing the odor. The impact was immediate. Within 24 hours, roughly 95% of the noticeable odors were eliminated and over the next couple of days, once all of the air had been fully circulated, any residual smells were also gone.

The issue: fungal colony — hospital in southern california

A hospital in Southern California had a big problem with fungal spores infiltrating its facility, which had caused the full closure of its third floor for 12 months. The source of the fungal growth was traced back to the primary air handler that was feeding air into this floor. A fungal colony had taken root deep inside the coils and all previous attempts to disinfect the coils proved ineffective.

Blue Box™ was contacted by the hospitals Chief Engineer to see if we could provide a better solution. Blue Box™ technicians thoroughly treated the coil with its proprietary Enzyme Treatment Process, delivering near perfect surface area coverage of the coil. Two days after Blue Box’s™ coil treatment and disinfection an industrial hygienist tested the coils and the third floor of the hospital. There were no signs of any fungal spores detected and the floor was deemed safe for reopening.