how blue box works

The coils inside of a building’s HVAC system are a breeding ground for dirt, grime, and microbial growth. This biological fouling is one of the root causes for reduced equipment life, inefficient heat transfer, and poor indoor air quality. Yet in order to combat this universal problem, one has to be able to fully access the depth at which the harmful build-up is occurring and be able to remove it, all while causing zero damage or corrosion. With Blue Box, it is now possible to clean and disinfect nearly 100% of a coil’s surface area, making it easy for any property to keep its HVAC system running fresh and like new again.

Our BioEnzyme Formulation works in both directions: first by breaking down the bio-films and second by migrating harmful microbes out of the coils. All of this is accomplished while the HVAC system is ON, using the air flow to inject our enzymes deep inside the coils where blockage has occurred. This work requires specialized equipment and a specific sequence of injection methods, all of which our technicians will perform over the course of the treatment process.


air handlers

HVAC systems experience zero downtime or disturbance during treatment.


Our formulation is pH Neutral, odorless, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe for downdrain disposal.


When necessary, our technicians will wrap the motor prior to treatment to protect it from moisture.


Our process ensures that no foam will enter the ducts inside an HVAC.

air handler issue? we’ll solve it.

Blue Box™ is designed to restore and preserve the integrity and performance of HVAC systems, ensuring that today’s problems don’t become tomorrow’s problems. By committing to an annual PM program, it is now easy to keep your facility or residence operating at its peak efficiency and wellness.

COIL disinfection

Blue Box™ combats the age-old problem of bacteria and fungo growing deep inside the coils. 

COIL restoration

Keeping coils fresh greatly reduces the load and stress on any HVAC system, especially those that are already fouled. 


Blue Box™ extends the useful life of your HVAC so that you can avoid unnecessary and costly coil replacement. 


Coils are often ruined during the construction process when drywall dust gets trapped deep inside of the HVAC system. Blue Box™ eliminates this risk by seamlessly migrating any debris out of the coils while construction is taking place.







Blue Box’s™ proprietary BioEnzyme Formulation is especially designed to do the hard work of both breaking down grime and removing it from deep inside the coils, ensuring that a coil’s surfaces are completely disinfected and healthy. This pH Neutral product is odorless, non-corrosive, and safe for down drain disposal. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available upon request.

goodbye, BIO-FILM

Removing biofilm build-up deep inside coils is one of the key objectives behind Blue Box’s™ innovative coil treatment process. Biofilms form when bacteria and fungi grow on metal surfaces and they can negatively impact the energy efficiency of the system, as well as the overall health and wellness of the building’s occupants. Not to mention, this bacteria inhibits heat transfer and air flow and are often the fundamental cause of blockage formations that commonly occur deep inside HVAC coils.