Blue Box delivers a unique model for ensuring facilities to experience the safest air possible within their normal day to day operations. With its patented process for how to treat and disinfect any type of facility’s HVAC system, Blue Box eliminates a critical weak point in all building operations. Our innovation is how to penetrate through any depth of the heat transfer coil so to ensure near-perfect surface area coverage. Our process involves one of the most comprehensive solutions for how to disinfect these hard to reach places to that a building’s air supply is both efficient and safe.

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Blue Box™ is an innovative process that harnesses the power of enzymes to transform the energy profile and indoor air quality of hospitals, skyscrapers, data centers, school, and even homes. While no HVAC system is safe from the grime, bacteria, and fungal growth that can fester deep inside its coils, our patent pending process makes it easy to remove these noxious microbes, ensuring that any building can always operate at its peak efficiency and wellness.

how blue box makes HEALTHY (AIR) easy

In the fight against airborne pollutants, we battle at the source of the problem and never compromise on effectiveness. By eliminating the need to shutdown equipment or disrupts daily operations, Blue Box™ introduces a new model for servicing facilities and residences, one that disinfects safely, effectively, and efficiently.


pH neutral, odorless, and free of toxic or hazardous chemicals


Near perfect surface area coverage of coils


No disruption to the system or the building’s occupants.

BLUE box clients

Blue Box™ is now used by MGM Resorts, SL Green, RFR, MD Anderson,LA Children’s Hospital, Providence Healthcare, Kilroy, Common Wealth, LBA Realty, Bridge Capital, Pennybacker, Rice University, HCA Healthcare, among many others.

Blue Box™ delivers unique solutions designed specifically to address our clients varying needs. These solutions include programs for improving energy efficiency, indoor air quality, as well as providing a unique sustainability model that can easily be adopted by any size organization.